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Ali Bakhtiarvandi

Ali Bakhtiarvandi

Ali Bakhtiarvandi is an Iranian refugee who arrived in Australia by boat in 2000, aged 34. He was detained until 2004 in three different detention centres. He is now an Australian citizen. More information about Ali Bakhtiarvandi Read Ali’s story

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Farrah Nasser

Farrah Nasser was born in Iraq, where she was an Arabic teacher. She arrived in Australia in 2001 by boat. Nasser was then detained in Woomera for three months and 20 days. While in detention, Nasser witnessed a fire in

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Safi Basara

Safi Basara was born in Nasiri, in Iraq, where his father was imprisoned and killed under the Hussein regime. He arrived in Darwin by boat in December 2000 and was taken to Woomera Detention Centre for forty days (until the

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Aladdin Sisalem

Aladdin Sisalem

Aladdin Sisalem was born to a Palestinian father and Egyptian mother in Kuwait, where he trained to become a mechanic. Sisalem arrived in Australia in 2002 by boat. He was then detained on Manus Island from 2002 to 2004. Sisalem

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